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AUG 22-23
SETEC, Seoul, Korea


‘Block Festa 2018’ is hosted by Block Media and Korea blockchain Industry Promotion Association, to examine blockchain, the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This conference will be the festival for the leaders such as government officials, investors, platforms and blockchain startups who create the blockchain ecosystem, along with the youth, who will lead the future. blockchain will contribute to upgrading the financial industry and create more jobs. We hope the participants will experience the blockchain industry and to share insight. We believe that constructing the vigorous blockchain ecosystem is the cornerstone of economic development. With our strong belief, we are prepared to host ‘BlockFesta 2018’.


Incredible Speakers in Blockfesta

  • PARK Won-Soon

    Mayor of Seoul

  • YIM, Jong-Ryong

    Former Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Committee

  • JHUN Ha-Jin

    The chairman of Korea Blockchain Association’s Self-Regulatory

  • KIM Sung Soo

    Vice Chairman of Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications Committee

  • CHOO Kyung Ho

    Member of cryptocurrency taskforce of liberty korea party

  • KIM Hyeong Joo

    The chairman of the Korea blockchain Industry Promotion Association

  • Uriel PELED

    Co-Founder of Orbs

  • Samson MOW

    CEO at Pixelmatic, CSO at BlockStream

  • Martin D. WEISS

    Founder of Money and Markets at Weiss Group


    architect of Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings

  • Roger VER

    CEO of Bitcoin.com

  • CHO Jae-Woo

    Witness of Steemit

  • Li JUN

    Founder of Ontology

  • Wes LEVITT

    Head of Strategy at Theta Labs

  • Antanas GUOGA

    Member of the European Parliament for Lithuania, EPP group

  • Kei ODA

    Head of APAC at Quantstamp

  • Jason HSU

    Crypto Congressman & Legislator of Taiwan

  • Orc GUO

    CTO at EON

  • Shi QUI (aka. Victor)

    North Mining Shares company Limited CIO

  • SUNG Ki-woon

    Samsung SDS Principal Engineer

  • CHA Myung-Hoon

    CEO At Coinone

  • PARK Sang-gon

    CEO At Korbit

  • JO Jung-Hwan

    CEO at Okcoin

  • LEE Sirgoo


  • James AHN

    Founder of EdenChain

  • KOO Tae-Un

    CEO at Tech&Law

  • Kawai KEN

    A consulting lawyer of Japan Institute of Cryptography

  • LEE Joon-Hang

    CEO at GOPAX

  • SinHae LEE

    Partner GBIC/BLOCK72

  • JUNG Jong-Ki

    CEO of Funkeypay

  • Geon Hak KIM

    Client Technical Leader, IBM KOREA

  • Sina QIU

    CMO at Becent

  • Renee WANG

    CEO at ContentBox

  • Yang H

    Chief Adviser at EOCH

  • Ziqi CHEN

    CEO of CORTEX Labs

  • LEE Won-Hong

    CEO at Blue Whale

Global Blockchain Networking & Brand New event for Business

Drive Business Objectives

  • Drive Business Objectives

    A first & utmost conference with blockchain masters

    Blockstream CSO Samson Mow, Korea's first Steemit witness Jae Woo Cho. Next generations EOS depicted by Li Xiolai EON, Lithuania's hero Antanas Guoga and more blockchain masters will bring insight on the blockchain industry's present & future and share supreme contents!

  • Symposium of Korea's Blockchain Representatives

    Mash-up Festa with Bitumb, OkCoin, CoinOne, Huobi & Upbit!

    The only Business SPOT opportunity to meet with various Korea's blockchain prospects and experience meet-ups, the super media tower, previews and DEMO-DAY!

  • Exclusive Meetings

    meet with policy-related advisors & core figures!

    Network with the leading lights, and embrace on the opportunity to explore new creative ideas!




      Aug 22

    • Keynote Speech:

      09:30 ~ 09:50
      Lym Jong-Ryong, The former chaiman of the Financial Services Commission Topic : Fintech 성장을 위한 규제혁신

      09:50 ~ 10:10
      JHUN Ha-Jin, The chairman of Korea Blockchain Association's Self-Regulatory topic: Making Blockchain Real for Business(가제)

      10:10 ~ 10:40
      Roger Ver (Bitcoin.com CEO) Economic Freedom And Digital currency


      10:40 ~ 11:00
      Antanas Guoga(Known as Tony G) Member of the European Parliament for Lithuania

      11:00 ~ 11:20
      Jason Hsu, Crypto Congressman & Legislator of Taiwan : The State of Taiwan-Overview of the progress of all things Blockchain

      11:20 ~ 11:40
      Kawai Ken, Corporation Lawyer of Japan Blockchain association

      11:40 ~ 12:00
      Koo Tae-Un, CEO at Tech&Law : SRO from different countries

      12:00 ~ 13:00
      Lunch Break

    • Session 2: Cryptocurrency Exchange and Eco-System

      13:00 ~ 13:20
      Kim Seong-sik, CTO at Huobi / 거래소 기술과 보안

      13:20 ~ 13:40
      Kei Oda, Head of Japan and APC at Quantstamp /How to fix scalability and high volatility issue on Blockchain

      13:40 ~ 14:00
      Lee Joon-Hang, Co-Founder/ CEO at Streami 암호화폐 거래소 , 어떻게 보완할 것인가

    • Session 3: Beyond the crytocurrency

      14:00 ~ 14:20
      Martin D Weiss, CEO at weiss Ratings / Cryptocurrency is More Trustworthy than Banks

      14:20 ~ 14:40
      Samson mow, CSO at Blockstreem / Token economy

      14:40 ~ 15:00
      Shi qiu(victor), North Mining Shares Company Topic / ICO second half ; innovation in traditional markets and clearing in emerging markets

      15:00 ~ 15:20
      Sinhae LEE, Partner at GBIC / Trends in Top Three Blockchain&Crypto Markets

      15:20 ~ 15:30
      10min. Break

    • Session 4: 1 Year Anniversary of Korea Blockchain industry Promotion Association - Korea, China, Japan symposium

      15:30 ~ 17:30
      Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, etc - Topic : Asia blockchain industry ecosystem


      Aug 23

    • Session 1: new generation blockchain technologies

      10:00 ~ 10:20
      Li Jun, CEO at Ontolgy :core values of blockchain Ontology’s trust and cooperation platform

      10:20 ~ 10:40
      Uriel Peled, Co-Founder of Orbs: A New Strategy for Mass Adoption

      10:40 ~ 11:00
      Orc Guo, CEO at EON Topic : Fog Computing and the Next Generation Blockchain Infrastructure

      11:00 ~ 11:20
      James Ahn, CEO at Eden chain :Platform for the Enterprises of Tomorrow

      11:20 ~ 11:40
      김종혁 CEO of ICON / NEM

      11:40 ~ 12:00

      12:10 ~ 13:00
      Break time

    • Session 2: TECHNOLOGY HURDLES (Topic Example : Limit of public blockchain and Private Blockchain)

      13:00 ~ 13:30
      Kim Geon-Hak, Client Technical Advisor, IBM Korea

      13:30 ~ 14:00
      Sung Kiwoon, Principal Engineer at Samsung SDS: Applied to International Maritime Blockchain Consortium

      14:00 ~ 14:20
      Jung Jong-Ki, CEO at Funkey pay Topic : 블록체인 기술을 활용한 디지털마케팅과 글로벌 결제 상용화 전략

      14:30 ~ 14:50
      Break time

    • Session 3: Real life in Blockchain ; Contents with Blockchain

      14:50 ~ 15:10
      Renee Wang CEO at Contents Box / Let Words Move You

      15:10 ~ 15:30
      Wes Levitt, Head of Strategy at Theta Labs

      15:30 ~ 15:50
      Jae-woo Jo, Witness of Steemit Topic : The road Steem has taken and to be taken

      15:50 ~ 16:10
      John Oh, DECENT Korea Representative

      16:10 ~ 16:30
      Rom project : 블록체인과 디지털마케팅

    • Session 4: USE CASES (AI, Iot, Games etc)

      16:20 ~ 16:40
      (A.I)ZIKTO- Blockchain Application in Healthcare

      16:40 ~ 17:00
      (A.I)EOCH, brings blockchain+ to medical treatment

      17:00 ~ 17:20
      (A.I)Ziqi Chen of CORTEX – AI On Blockchain

      17:00 ~ 17:20
      (A.I)Ziqi Chen of CORTEX – AI On Blockchain

      17:20 ~ 17:40
      (핀테크)Becent-Digital currency exchange platform with the highest concurrency

      17:40 ~ 18:00
      (핀테크)Bobby Bao, Co-Founder at Crypto.com


      Aug 22-23

    • Exhibition & Showcase of Business / B2B Private Meeting Rooms

    • A Story of Blockchain (Display in the wall)

    • Blockchain Live (Experiencing & Demonstration)

    • Meet-Up Programs & Refresh Zone

    • Exclusive Network Dinner

      Aug 22

    • The Networking Dinner is orgazined for the Governments, Keynote Speakers and Industry Leaders to communicate


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